K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Do You Like Brahms?” Leaves Our Hearts Fluttering After Every Episode

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Do You Like Brahms truly gets our hearts racing as each episode unfolds. And, it comes unexpected as this SBS-produced drama has been off the radar to most.

This series is melancholic in nature, even achingly sad as it narrates the story of unexpressed and unrequited love between the lead characters. However, it has moved at a pace that is far from being slow. In fact, its story and character development have accelerated at a surprisingly increasing tempo in every episode.

Do You Like Brahms

The Plot’s Rough Sketch

The entire plot of Do You Like Brahms is inspired by the painful love story between the famous German musicians, Johannes Brahms, Clara and Robert Schumann.

In a melodramatic manner, the series tells the painful love triangle between the lead characters entwined with their stories of successes, failures and deep connection with music.

Do You Like Brahms

Park Joon Young (Kim Min Jae), the award-winning pianist, and Cha Song Ah (Park Eun Bin), a passionate violinist who seems to be lacking in natural talent, are both stuck in a position wherein they cannot express their feelings of love and affection. This is so because they share the same fate of being in love with their best friend’s romantic interest.

Park Joon Young and Cha Song Ah then cross paths in a concert performance wherein Joon Young is the main pianist and Song Ah is part of the orchestra.

It then becomes a string of circumstances wherein Park Joon Young keeps seeing and noticing Cha Song Ah – her quiet demeanor and warm presence.

Character Development, Plot Twists and Highlights *Spoiler Alert*

Cha Song Ah: The Seemingly Naive Yet Sincere Violinist and Friend

Truthfully, Cha Song Ah is the one setting the pace of this drama. She may seem frail on the outside but she has proven more than once that she can stand up on her own. She speaks her mind and expresses what she feels.

In between their professional relationship and silent companionship, Cha Song Ah takes the drama into twirls and turns when she professes that she likes Park Joon Young.

Her character, despite being full of hardships, is also the one giving off the warmth that complements Park Joon Young’s unexpressed heartaches and misery.

Lee Jung Kyung: The Girl Who Seemingly Has Everything Except That One Thing She Wants The Most

Lee Jung Kyung comes as the complete opposite of Cha Song Ah. Everything is served to her on a silver platter which gives her the confidence to snob and play with the feelings of others.

She brings chaos into Joon Young’s life. Her uncertainty towards Joon Young’s fondness of her has left them both in pain of unexpressed love for years.

The plot thickens when Jung Kyung refuses Han Yun Ho’s marriage proposal and goes all out into admitting she also has feelings for Joon Young. She even dares to confront Song Ah to not come in between her and Joon Young.

Do You Like Brahms

Park Joon Young: The Award-Winning Pianist Who Never Puts Himself First

Park Joon Young paints the melancholic feels in the drama. He is revered as on the best pianists in Korea but he possesses a lot of suppressed struggles in his life.

He has never put himself first. To him, he always comes second to either providing for his parents, winning in competitions or even in professing his feelings to his best friend’s love interest.

But with Song Ah, Joon Young is different as he becomes surprisingly more comfortable to being himself. He gets to express how he feels and finally allows himself to feel the warmth from someone else. Somehow, he even gets to put himself first when he asked Song Ah to wait for him to reciprocate her feelings.

Hence, it is such a relief when Joon Young finally realizes and affirms to Song Ah that he likes her just  the same.

Mid-Series Afterthoughts

Do You Like Brahms is still midway through its entire season but so much has already happened. It has beautifully wrapped stories of love with music, passion and dreams altogether in one series.

It is quite a good surprise to discover an emotionally-packed K-Drama with a storytelling that accelerates continuously. Our eyes are definitely set to anticipate how the story between Park Joon Young and Cha Song Ah will further evolve.

We likewise cannot wait how Kim Min Jae’s portrayal of Park Joon Young will come to a full circle. To us, this is also by far the best series that showcases what Kim Min Jae has to offer.

Do You Like Brahms

Do You Like Brahms airs on SBS, Mondays and Tuesdays. It can also be seen in Viu.