‘Descendants of the Sun’ Taebaek Filming Set Flocked by Tourists

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Everyone is heading to Taebaek city!

The Taebaek filming set of Descendants of the Sun has been attracting a large number of visitors. The city experienced a massive increase in tourists, following its opening to the public last August 12.

descendants of the sun, taebaek

Photo Credit: Yonhap

Tourists are flocking this isolated city in Gangwon Province to check out the filming site and relive the scenes of the immensely popular KBS2 TV drama that aired simultaneously in Korea and China from February to April of this year.

For the August 1-11 period, a total of 7,810 visitors came in to visit the site. This figure soared by more than 60 percent to 12,997 since it opened on August 12, making the total visitor count exceed the 20,000 mark.

descendants of the sun, taebaek

The Taebaek site is where most of the scenes of the series were filmed. It features the medical camp (Medicube) of Kang Mo Yeon’s team (Song Hye Kyo) and the Taebaek military base (Urk) of Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki). The filming location has been restored as the drama became a major hit.

One official of the city mentioned that around 1,000 foreign tourists came during April-August. They expect more visitors when the series broadcasts in East Asian countries.

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