Dynamic Duo Impersonates BIGBANG In Hilarious ‘Jam’ MV

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Hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo is definitely back with a ‘bang’ as Gaeko and Choiza are seen impersonating the members of BIGBANG in the comedic music video for their latest title track Jam!

The song, off their freshly-released 8th album GRAND CARNIVAL, not only uses the lyrics ‘honey jam’ to symbolize one’s honey, but also describes the feelings of being stuck in a grey area where they are neither friends nor lovers with their romantic interests. In the video, Gaeko cosplays as Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Daesung, while Choiza impersonates T.O.P and Seungri. The duo also take it a step further by subtly including the BIGBANG members’ names in their lyrics:

Now I’m looking at you
The sun’s (Taeyang) far
We’re feeling like we’re on top (T.O.P)
Run the night well, we’re in for a huge win (Daesung)
My heart breathes fire like a dragon dragon (G-Dragon)
Tame me and grab victory (Seungri)
Our feelings for each other grow and blow, a big bang

The 11-track album also features a stellar guest line-up in several tracks, including renowned artists Lydia Paek, Zico, Verbal Jint, and more.

What do our readers think of Dynamic Duo’s impersonation of the BIGBANG members, as well as the smooth beats of Jam?

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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