E’LAST Announces Activities For Follow-up Song “To.Lie”

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E’LAST will continue to work hard on bringing memorable performances to fans through the b-side “To.Lie”.

Outstanding boy group, E’LAST, recently concluded their activities for their latest title track, “Dark Dream”. Rest assured, the artists are not done yet, as they have plans to continue being busy with their follow-up song called “To.Lie”.


E Entertainment shared a surprise coming soon image, foretelling the new treat for fans. In the photo, the members are seen sitting in a line on a lawn, creating a refreshing feel. The picture also showed a new transformation of the members’ hairstyles, raising anticipation for the upcoming activities.

Along with the pleasant setting and new looks, the image also included the song that they will promote and the beginning date.

“To.Lie” is part of E’LAST’s latest release, their first single album DARK DREAM, which came out at the end of September. It’s a teen pop genre song that combines synths, 808 drums, and electronic elements that remind us of the 90s.

The rich vocal sound creates a fresh feeling and presents another side of E’LAST that is more lively and cute. The song hints at a bright and fun performance to come.

Through DARK DREAM the idols achieved more than 10 times the initial sales compared to their previous work and also marked their first music video to surpass 10 million views. In addition, it ranked high on the iTunes and Billboard charts, proving growing global popularity.

Meanwhile, E’LAST will begin promoting “To.Lie” from November 17. The idols will bring out a completely different charm from the intense and charismatic “Dark Dream” stages.

Source: TopDaily

Image credit: E Entertainment

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