E’LAST Looks Chaotic In Teaser For 1st Episode Of “E’LAST Superhero”

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Check out the first wild-looking teaser for the upcoming reality show with E’LAST!

Boy group E’LAST recently confirmed to star in a new Mnet M2 variety show called E’LAST Superhero. After revealing a short trailer about the program, Mnet dropped a preview for the first episode.


On August 24, another teaser got uploaded on M2’s YouTube channel. It showcased what fans can expect to see in the first episode of the program and from the looks of it, it will be very chaotic and loud.

In the video, the members engage in different challenges and activities fit for the summer. There is a lot of screaming during the competitions, but overall the boys look like they are having fun.

E’LAST Superhero is a variety in which the members will participate in missions to obtain the title of “superhero”. Through this show, fans will be able to see the unique sense of entertainment of each member.

E’LAST debuted in June 2020 and drew attention for its outstanding music style and performances. The boys captivated both eyes and ears with their charming visuals and passion on stage. They have also revealed a variety of covers that received a lot of praise.

After proving their talents as performers, the boys are now ready to loosen up and show more of their personalities and charms. The first episode of E’LAST’s program will be available on M2’s YouTube channel on September 1 at 8 PM KST.

Look forward to the fun-filled competition between the boys in this fresh new “super” variety.

Video source: M2 YouTube

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