ENHYPEN Raises Anticipation For Grand Debut With Intriguing Tracklist

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Ten days left before ENHYPEN makes their official entrance in the K-pop scene!

Continuously hyping up fans, upcoming K-pop boy group ENHYPEN has shared another teaser for their nearing release on November 30.

Belift Lab has posted a new poster today for the boys’ first-ever mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE. The group’s debut album contains the worries and complex emotions encountered at the borders of two conflicting worlds, and the story of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki who are finally moving toward the first day of a new world.

Six amazing songs

The latest teaser revealed their highly-anticipated tracklist, which comprises six songs. ENHYPEN’s first-ever main track is titled “Given-Taken”. Alongside other keywords such as “Choose-Chosen”, “Trainee-Artist”, “Failure-Success”, “Blood-Light”, “Mortal-Immortal”, the title was exposed in the first trailer video released on October 22.

Aside from the title song, the septet is also set to gift fans with other amazing tracks including “Intro: Walk the Line”, “Let Me In (20 CUBE)”, “10 Months”, “Flicker”, and “Outro: Cross the Line”.

Even before their official debut, the boys are already living up to their name as “monster rookies” as they already surpassed a total of 150,000 stock pre-orders for their album in just two days. Moreover, millions of fans are also showing their support to ENHYPEN by following their official social media accounts.

In related news, the group recently launched their very own reality show titled ENHYPEN&HI. Two out of the four episodes are now available via Mnet and Big Hit Labels’ YouTube channels.

Meanwhile, fans should stay tuned as there’s surely a lot more in store in the coming days.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: Belift Lab