Eric Nam, Kim Dong Hyun, & Jang Dong Min To Be Adorable Babysitters In MBC’s “You Are The World”

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Lots of cute and endearing moments are expected to ensue from MBC’s You Are The World

MBC is coming up with a new variety series on babysitting. The trailer for MBC’s new program You Are The World was released on January 14.

You Are The World, which will  broadcast for the first time on the January 19, is an entertainment program that involves babysitting a few kids and three uncles.

Jang Dong Min, Kim Dong Hyun and Eric Nam are the three uncles who will be responsible for taking care of the children.

Additionally, eight children from various nationalities which includes Korea, England, Turkey, Cameroon, Belarus and Mexico will be a part of the show. The inclusion of these kids promises a healing supplied by their unspoiled purity.

You Are Our World

The opening trailer shows the children cheering loudly for the You Are The World welcome party. One can see the innocence of the children who are thrilled by the exciting dance party. The news of the party has made their eyes sparkle brightly.

The children are also seen saying, “Please give me a present” and “What would I buy?” as they try to appeal each other and become friends.

The three celebrity uncles, Jang Dong Min, Kim Dong Hyun, and Eric Nam, who will be with the children have no common denominator among them. But they are going to make their own chemistry by hanging out with the children like their teachers and sometimes friends.

You Are The World will be a pleasant meeting place for multi-national children and will include fresh content that gives a healing and happy experience. You Are The World  is a two-part series that will air on January 19 at 5 pm KST via MBC.

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Image Credit: MBC