Esom Signs Contract Renewal With Current Agency Artist Company

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Film star Esom continues her career as film and drama actress with her current agency Artist Company.

Esom signs a renewal of contract to continue her wide range of promotions with her existing talent management Artist Company.


On May 11, an official from Artist Company informed the public regarding their long-time artist’s contract renewal. “As an actress with enormous facets, we will be able to continue the precious relationship built with Esom.”

“As she receives love for her humility, passion and effort, we promise to grant full support as she continues her activities,” the representative added.


The actress strongly established her acting portfolio with unique performances and adventurous portrayals. Ranging from diverse genres such as comedy, thriller, melodrama, etc., she successfully slayed every roles she commited to.

Her notable films includes Scarlet Innocence, Like For Likes, My Little Brother, Microhabitat, My Special Brother, etc.

She also made distinct portrayals in television dramas with a supporting role in Because This Is My First Life. The actress also acquired her first lead role in the television drama The Third Charm with famous actor Seo Kang Joon.


In addition, she firmly secured her footing in the entertainment industry while accumulating  constant pictorials and advertisement offers.

Meanwhile, the actress prepares to meet film patrons this year with two of her films. It includes Business Trip Investigation (working title) and Samjin Group English TOEIC Class.

Source: iMBC

Photo From: Artist Company | iMBC | Harper’s Bazzar