Eun Jiwon And Kim Jong Min Join Cast Of MBN’s New Reality Show

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It is a reunion project for these variety show veterans.

Eun Jiwon and Kim Jong Min, two of the original cast members of 2 Days & 1 Night, will get together as they join MBN’s upcoming variety show titled Naturally (literal title). The program will follow the celebrities as they settle and make a life in a rural setting.


The two entertainers showed their wit and unique chemistry during the first season of 2 Days & 1 Night that endeared them to fans of the show. In Naturally, viewers can expect to see Eun Jiwon and Kim Jong Min display their chemistry. The program’s aim is for the celebrities to experience healing and comfort in the countryside as they temporary leave their hectic city lives. Each cast member will have their own house to live in the village. They can remodel these houses to suit their taste and style.


Images from OSEN and STARNEWS

Actress Jun In Hwa and Sky Castle actor Jo Byeong Gyu will join Eun Jiwon and Kim Jong Min in taking the challenge of experiencing rural life.

PD Yoo Il Wong, who also directed 2 Days & 1 Night, is at helm of this healing variety program. This is the director’s first show after leaving KBS and joining MBN’s subsidiary company Space Rabbit.

Naturally will be airing its first episode this summer. This long-term project targets to show all four seasons while living in the countryside.