EXID’s Chinese Version Of ‘Up & Down’ Taken Down Due To Inappropriate Scenes

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Banana Culture has clarified why the MV had been taken down, and replaced it with a new one.

EXID released the music video of the Chinese version of Up & Down on January 10. However, it was taken down unannounced, raising speculations among fans. Media reports surfaced, stating that the MV was removed due to the reporting actions from fans.  Regarding this, the agency has issued a press statement clarifying the case:

As a gift to fans during the Lunar New Year, Banana Culture has released the Chinese version MV of EXID’s Up & Down. In the creative and production process of the MV, we have picked to shoot it at Heng Dian World Studios. Our initial thought was to present China’s traditional elements more, at the same time enhancing the quality of the viewing and listening experience.

The EXID members had also actively participated in Chinese language lessons, prepared by the company. The MV has received much attention after going online, including discussions over the filming location. A decision was made after discussion with the company’s executives. On the same day of the release, we took the initiative to contact all the digital platforms to take down the MV, as well as immediately producing a new version for replacement. It is not like how the false reports have stated.

The MV was taken down by the company after Chinese fans raised concerns over the inappropriate scenes of EXID dancing in red crop tops and shorts at the Forbidden City in the filming studio. The re-edited version has since been up with some of the scenes taken out.

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