EXID unveils music video for ‘I Feel Good’

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EXID have released the music video for I Feel Good, from their mini album, Hippity Hop. The track contains a simple yet addictive melody with fresh beats and conveys a message to ‘forget everything and have fun’.

The music video begins by focusing closely on the members having a fun and glamorous life, until the camera zooms out to display the stressful occupations they have. After finishing their jobs, the members meet up and break into a closed club to dance together and have fun. They fall asleep after dancing vigorously and are ultimately kicked out by the owner.

I Feel Good was written by EXID’s producer, Shinsadong Tiger, with the assistance of composer Rado, who has worked with several artists including BEAST, MBLAQ, Jun Gun, and Taeyang.

Check out the video below.

[vsw id=”CWFB8HCQsu0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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