EXID’s Junghwa And Hani Are Hot In Pink In New Teaser Videos

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After the stellar successes of Up & Down and Ah Yeah, the girls of EXID are set to return as glamorous, attractive ladies with HOT PINK on November 18th, with members Junghwa and Hani flaunting their gorgeous looks in their respective individual teaser clips for the single!

As described by the track’s title, both visual teasers have a dominant pink palette. In the first teaser video, Junghwa sports a new blossom-colored hairdo, while softly mouthing the lyrics of the song. Meanwhile Hani, who is known for her easygoing personalities on broadcast, shows off her sultry moves in a leather catsuit against a fuchsia backdrop in the second teaser.

With a funky beat that commands your attention at first listen, we are excited to see what the ladies of EXID will bring to the table with this comeback. Are our readers looking forward to the other teaser clips of the remaining members as well?

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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