EXO are hot on the music charts!

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As everyone knows, EXO has just released their first full length album, XOXO along with their title track, Wolf.

Just like their song MAMA, Wolf has been hot on the charts! However, other songs on the album have also been topping the charts. On Soribada music charts, almost their entire album is ranked in the top 100! On Naver Music, five of their songs are in the top 100. Other charts that EXO are ranking high on are the Top 100 for Daum Music and Olleh Music. EXO is also currently ranked second on MCountDownBaby, Don’t Cry, Peter Pan, and Black Pearl are the other popular songs on the music charts. The biggest hit besides Wolf seems to be Baby, Don’t cry.

SM Entertainment tweeted a congratulations to the group on twitter saying:


With not only their title track ranking high but also other songs off the album ranking in the top 100, it goes to show just how amazing this album is!

Sources: (News): smtownglobal
(Picture): Screenshot from Wolf teaser video




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