EXO’s Chen Announces Upcoming Marriage With Non-Celebrity Fiancée

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EXO’s Chen is settling down with his non-celebrity fiancée as they set to tie the knot soon!

SM Entertainment confirmed on January 13 that EXO’s Chen will be getting married to his non-celebrity fiancée soon through a wedding set to be held in private with their families and close friends!

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The first EXO wedding will be happening soon as the agency bore the delightful news of Chen’s upcoming marriage to his lovely bride-to-be. SM Entertainment also confirmed that the couple are expecting a baby soon, but they will be keeping details, such as the state of the EXO member’s fiancée’s pregnancy, in private.

Moreover, the singer personally expressed his excitement over his upcoming marriage through a handwritten letter for his fans.

“Hello, this is Chen.

I am writing this because I have something to tell our fans. I don’t know how to start this, and I’m very nervous. Although these words might not be much, I’m writing this because I want to tell this news to our fans who gave us so much love first with all honesty.

I have a girlfriend whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was worried and concerned about what would happen as a result of this decision, but I had been discussing with the agency and our [EXO’s] members because I wanted to announce the news at least a little bit earlier so that it wouldn’t come as a sudden surprise.

A blessing then came to us. I feel bad for not being able to do things as planned with the agency and members, but this blessing has given me more strength.

I can’t lose any more time spent thinking about when or how I should announce this, so I gathered up my courage now.

I’m really grateful to my groupmates for genuinely congratulating me after hearing this news, and I sincerely thank our fans for sending me so much undeserving love.

I will never forget this feeling of gratitude and I will do my best in my place without changing, along with returning the love that you have given me.

Thank you always.”

Exo chen

Congratulations to Chen and his fiancée for their upcoming marriage and their baby!

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Source: Xsportsnews | Hanguk Ilbo

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