EXO release drama version of ‘Wolf’

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After months of speculation and rumors, the long-awaited drama version of EXO’s Wolf has finally been unveiled to much fanfare, despite the boys returning to the music scene in early June.  EXO’s Wolf and School concepts are infused together in the story-driven video, with a medley of songs from EXO’s XOXO album, including Black Pearl, Heart Attack, and Don’t Go, being featured in the first half of the video.

As per with EXO’s previous music videos, the drama version of Wolf was both released in Korean and Chinese respectively. EXO-M’s Luhan takes center stage in the first instalment of the drama version videos, showing off his athletic and acrobatic skills while trying to escape the clutches of a rival gang. After saving the female protagonist of the video, he is soon revealed to be a new student of the school which the other EXO members attend, along with the female lead as well. Luhan unleashes the feral side of him during a violent face-off, which ends in him accidentally attacking one of his own, with the latter in a confounded stupor after being questioned of who, or what he really is.

Don’t fret yet as the drama version has not yet drawn to a close, as the appearance of the phrase ‘to be continued‘ teases fans of what is more to come in the continuation of the story. 

References to EXO’s previous pre-debut teasers and MAMA were also found throughout the video, including a telescope that was used in Teaser #9 featuring Luhan and Sehun, as well as the image of a full moon that is a recurring element in many of EXO’s teasers.

How will the story unravel in the next installment of the drama version of Wolf? In the meantime, check out the first part of the drama version of EXO’s Wolf!

Chinese version:

[vsw id=”1h9j0Hk3Xdg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no]

Korean version:

[vsw id=”HzBrO26Xd14″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no]

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