EXO’s Sehun Gives Us A Steely Gaze In New “Dokgo Rewind” Stills

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EXO’s Sehun stares us down intensely in the new stills for Dokgo Rewind!

The much-anticipated web movie Dokgo Rewind had just given us another quick glimpse into EXO’s Sehun’s character! The film’s first stills featuring the idol-turned-actor were released on August 22 – and we’re melting from his gaze!

Sehun will bring the film’s lead character Kang Hyuk to life. His character seeks to avenge his older brother’s death caused by a school gang. The story will then follow his developing friendship with a former wrestler named Pyo Tae Jin, and Kim Jong Il, who is trying to leave the school gang.

exo sehun dokgo rewind stills

Photo from @weareoneEXO

Additionally, Kang Hyuk is described as a local fighter who hates seeing other people being harassed. He is also notable as a charming character that has been blended with a sense of justice.

Dokgo Rewind promises to show Oh Sehun entice the world with his intense charisma, especially in the film’s several action scenes. On the film’s first stills, his powerful charisma and excellent sensibility were emphasized in his steely gaze.

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He is shown with dusty clothes as if he just came from a rumble. His face is also full of bruises and red wounds, and his eyes show both deep sorrow and mystery. Sehun’s rough and manly charisma fills the picture.

Photo from @weareoneEXO

Without even needing words, the stills give us a very intense vibe because of Sehun’s expressionlessness – which feels heavier than usual. The usually bright and easy-going maknae of EXO’s transformation into a cold and stern character is making everyone look forward to Dokgo Rewind.

Dokgo Rewind revolves around the story of three men who came from different backgrounds and lived different lives but gathers together to combat school violence. It will be aired starting September 7 via online platforms Kakao Page and oksusu.

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