EXO Successfully Wraps Up First Concert Tour ‘The Lost Planet’

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After 30 performances in 17 cities, the meta-group EXO successfully completed its first solo concert tour, EXO From EXO Planet #1 –The Lost Planet, drawing more than 320,000 fans, Mnet America reported.

The tour began on May 23 in Seoul and traveled all over Asia, including major cities Hong Kong, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Taipei, Shanghai, Chansha, Xi’an, Singapore, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Osaka.

Although this concert was EXO’s first ever solo tour, the group proved its international popularity and influence by selling out all the tickets and gathering a slew of passionate fans everywhere it went, including airports and hotels.

The tour finale was held from December 22 to 24 at the Osaka-jo Hall, Japan, with 30,000 fans in attendance. EXO showcased a total of 30 hits, including Wolf, Growl, OverdoseLucky, XOXO, as well as the latest winter single December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale).

EXO wrapped up the final concert by expressing its deep gratitude to the fans’ support and wishes to grow with them together.

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