EXO’s Kai Diagnosed With COVID-19

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Now is the perfect time to deliver your well-wishes to one of your favorite idols, EXO-Ls. Member Kai has recently tested positive for COVID-19, requiring him to undergo self-quarantine.

SM Entertainment has recently made an important announcement regarding the current health condition of one of its talented and versatile artists, EXO’s Kai.

On the afternoon of March 15, the agency released an official statement saying that the bright and sophisticated idol has recently contracted the COVID-19 virus.

SM Entertainment did not provide any details as to how Kai got the virus, but they gave an update regarding what precautionary measures they have been currently taking.

The agency revealed that the artist has already completed two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In consideration of health, Kai has also halted all of his scheduled activities and is receiving proper treatment at home in accordance with the guidelines set by the South Korean disease control authorities.

“We will thoroughly comply with the guidelines of the disease control authorities and do our best so that [Kai] can focus on recovery as we consider the health and safety of our artists as a top priority,” the agency concluded.


Soon after the news came out, EXO-Ls from all over the world immediately sent their words of comfort and support to their beloved idol. His name dominated Twitter’s Worldwide Trending list, along with the hashtag “GetWellSoonKai.”

The messages the fans were all full of concern, sincerity, and love, with hopes to ease the worries and cheer Kai up during these challenging times. Even casual listeners also delivered their well-wishes to the phenomenal idol.

Kai recently made his solo comeback in November 2021 with his chart-topping second extended play Peaches, accompanied by its lead single of the same name. Apart from conquering the music scene, he has also been active in many variety shows such as New World, which was released on Netflix on November 2021.

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