EXO’s Luhan and Chen talk about hairstyle and favorite movie

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After the release of the repackage of the 1st album XOXO (Kiss&Hug), EXO has been dominating music charts and actively promoting their songs on various music programs with Growl.

EXO’s member Luhan is known for changing his hairstyle several times since their debut. People have titled it ‘Luhan hairstyle changing history’. When asked which hair style was his favorite Luhan answered, “I think my favorite was the purple dyed hair. Generally, I like every style. I don’t really dislike any particular style.”

Member Chen, who is becoming well known for his vocal skills, was asked what movie was most memorable. He couldn’t remember the movie title off the top of his head so he turned to his phone and searched. Chen smiled brightly as he stated, “I think last year’s movie The Vow‘s main character Rachel McAdams is really pretty. For those who don’t know this movie, I hope they will watch it.”

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