F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki To Enlist In Military Service In September

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Lee Hong Ki is set to begin his military service next month!

Confirming the report, an official from FNC Entertainment relayed to local media outlet that Lee Hong Ki will be entering the military camp on September 30.

Lee Hong Ki

Lee during the press conference for his new album (Photo retrieved from K-Pop Herald)

Born in 1990, the multi-faceted artist has hinted about his looming entrance to the boot camp during the local F.T. Island concert in June. He even promised to come back healthy for the fans.

This makes Lee Hong Ki the first member of the band to render the mandatory military conscription.

Prior to the set date of his military enlistment, he will hold a fan meeting with F.T. Island members on September 8.

Debuted in 2007, Lee has released 18 studio albums as main vocalist of F.T. Island. Aside from his band activities, he has actively pursued projects such as solo albums, acting activities and musicals.

He has released two mini albums as a solo artist and has appeared in three musicals. His most popular drama works include fan favorites You’re Beautiful and A Korean Odyssey.

In 2018, Lee has officially achieved a professional bowler status. Known for his eccentric fashion style, he had also established his own brand Skullhong, taken from his love of skull designs.

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Source: Starnews