FIESTAR’s Yezi To Collaborate With Babylon For New Single

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Will it be a hip hop track?

Yezi was previously reported to collaborate with an artist for her upcoming release. Revealed on September 5 through FIESTAR’s official SNS, Yezi will collaborate with R&B artist Babylon for the digital single ‘Chase’.

In the newly released monochromatic photo, Yezi and Babylon dress casual outfits and gaze directly at the camera.

Babylon received attention as an R&B vocalist after featuring in Block B Zico’s track ‘Boys And Girls’, and released his own singles. Yezi appeared and showed her talent on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’. She then released her first solo album ‘Foresight Dream’ in January.

Chase will be dropped on September 8, at 0:00AM.

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