Join Filipino Shawols’ Attempt To Make ‘SHINee World V’ Possible In The Philippines

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Make SHINee World V in the Philippines happen, Filipino Shawols!

Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin of SHINee have all been quite pre-occupied these past few months due to their world tour ‘SHINee World V’.


The concert tour started in September last year at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in South Korea. Additionally, the boys just finished their first-ever American tour last March, where they visited Dallas and Los Angeles. While they have no scheduled concerts this April due to their individual activities, the concert will resume on May 20 for their Hong Kong leg.

Since fancams of various and known fan sites spread like wildfire on social media, fans from all over the world are able to watch the special performances which the group has prepared. This made international fans want to witness it live.

Because SHINee never has a solo concert in the Philippines before, a lot of Filipino Shawols have been pleading for the boys to have their solo concert in the Philippines. They even attempted to trend #WeWantSWCIVinPH as well as #WeWantSWCVinManila during the peak of their concert tour. 

SHINee in ‘One K Global Peace Concert’ in Manila.

Last March, SHINee flew to the Philippines to join B1A4, B.A.P., BTOB, AoA, CNBlue and Psy for KBS’s ‘One K Global Peace Concert‘. It is a concert which aims to unify the world and let people be advocates of peace.

It was such a special and heartwarming night for the fans, especially the Shawols when they could finally see their idol group with complete members.

As a result, many fans shed tears as soon as SHINee appeared on the stage. It has always been a dream for them to watch them live.  The cheering and chanting for the boys echoed phenomenally throughout the arena as they performed their hit songs.

Previous visits of SHINee in Manila

Since the boys’ debut, they have already visited the Philippines thrice. However, they usually lacked one member during their first two visits.

In 2009, SHINee went to Manila for the first time as guest performers for the ‘Korea-Philippine Friendship Day’. However, they were not complete that time as Taemin was reported sick.

In 2013, the group came back for a joint-concert entitled ‘K-pop Republic’. They held a show with Dal Shabet and fellow label-mate, EXO-K. The group was again incomplete as the concert date was in conflict with Minho’s drama-filming schedule.

This becomes the reason why Filipino Shawols became so sentimental when all of the members were present during ‘One K Global Peace Concert’.

Bring SHINee back to the Philippines for their solo concert

The official fan club of SHINee in the Philippines, SHINee World PH, is asking their fellow Filipino fans to answer the survey for a possible ‘SHINee World V’ concert. According to group, this is their way to convince interested parties to bring the boys back to Manila for a solo concert.

SHINee World Philippines is inviting fans and even non-fans who are interested to watch the concert, to answer the poll honestly. This will be a consideration for organizers to include Manila in the tour for ‘SHINee World V’. Interested parties may answer the poll in this link.

SHINee is a South Korean boy group who debuted in May 2008 under SM Entertainment. They are popularly known for being trendy in terms of fashion as well as in music.

While on break from their concert tour schedule, Jonghyun recently released a self-written and composed solo album, entitled The Collection: Story Op.2. Onew, on the other hand, worked with famous artist-producer Rocoberry for their SM Station song Lullaby. Additionally, Taemin will be releasing his upcoming second solo Japanese album. He will also hold a solo concert in Nippon Budokan Arena.

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