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On July 18, South Korea’s only summer award show, Mnet‘s 2013 20’s Choice Awards, held its seventh annual award ceremony. Following the event, First Look magazine released an exclusive pictorial titled Legend of 20‘s which features the celebrity nominees and performers.

For the first image, Lee Hyori presents a striking image with a stunning graphic dress and dark burgundy lips. Next, Miss A‘s Suzy claims the award for 20s Drama Star and is seen at the microphone with a bottle award and bouquet of flowers in hand.

The third image is a collage of five images. The first image of the collage presents the 20’s Choice Awards main MCs: actress Kim Seul Gi and Shinhwa members Jun Jin and Lee Min Woo; a second image displays Lee Hyori and actor Ryu Seung Ryong having a casual conversation; the third image features SHINee surprising its youngest member Taemin with a birthday cake; the fourth image of the collage displays model Lee Soo Hyuk and actor Hong Jong Hyun as presenters; and the final fifth image unveils the Get It Style team as presenters.

A fourth image displays the members of SISTAR as pure as the snow, wearing white radiant dresses.

Next, First Look presents a fifth image which is yet another collage. The first image features actress Ha Yeon Soo in a white tube top and matching crystal clutch; a second image displays actor Lee Jin Wook posing with his trademark smile; and a third image presents SHINee member Onew donning an intense red jacket while Jonghyun sports ash gray hair and Key poses with a stylish beret.

The sixth image is also a collage containing three images. The first image features SHINee members Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun descending from the stage after announcing the birthday surprise; a second image displays 2NE1 member CL and actor Lee Soo Hyuk posing with each other; and a last third image displays Shinhwa acknowledging cheering fans with waves and smiles.

A seventh image displays model and Get It Style team member Kang Seung Hyun wearing a floral print dress and green earrings.

The eight image is a collage of four images. In the first image, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon dons a white fitted dress which emphasizes sensuality; a second image reveals Hwang Jeong Eum posing in a compelling drastic cut pattern dress; the third image features actress Cha Ye Ryeon smiling brightly in a see through top and pattern pencil skirt; and the final fourth image displays a friendly Yoo Seung Woo posing with a peace sign and guitar backstage.

The ninth image of the pictorial is also a collage containing four images. For the first image, CL draws towards the camera and shares a peace sign; a second image features actress Park Bo Young in a feminine nude color dress; the third image displays actor Choi Jin Hyuk in a striking white fitted suit; and a fourth image presents Jun Jin with an intense stage presence.

A tenth image displays the virile members of INFINITE who held a comeback stage performance at Mnet’s 2013 20’s Choice Awards. Next, an eleventh image containing two collage images unveil 2NE1’s Dara wearing a bindi and INFINITE member Sungjong going through a last inspection before performing.

The twelfth image is a collage of four images. For the first image, actor Ryu Seung Ryong is seen chatting in the VIP lounge; a second image displays INFINITE member Sungyeol descending from the stage after completing a powerful performance; the third image presents actor Park Sung Woong fulfilling a gentle image with a spiffy pinstripe suit; and a final fourth image features singer JK Kim Dong Wook looking good in a white suit and black tie.

The last and final image is a collage consisting of three photos. A first image features young actor Yeo Jin Goo having a chat with actresses Jeong Ga Eun and Kim Jung Min; the second image presents rocker Jung Joon Young fulfilling a rocker chic image in a black cape  and fedora; and a third final image features actress Kim Seul Gi in a stunning white dress and stud accent headband.

Check out the pictorial images for First Look’s coverage on Mnet’s 2013 20’s Choice Awards below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – First Look



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