fromis_9 To Make Their Highly Anticipated Comeback This Month

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fromis_9 will make their comeback eight months after their last project, raising the excitement of fans awaiting their return to the music scene!

Girl-group, fromis_9, excited fans with the news that they will make their comeback this month, marking their return after eight months. The group released an official announcement poster revealing the news across their SNS accounts. They will return with their second single album titled, 9 WAY TICKET, on May 17.


The announcement image intrigued fans regarding what concept fromis_9 will deliver with their newest project. Though members face away from the camera with their backs toward the viewer, the image depicts a feeling of freedom and youthfulness. The free-spirited energy of the photo alone raises fans’ curiosity for their comeback.

Fans are already speculating what their comeback may deliver based on its name. 9 WAY TICKET references the nine members of the group, while “way ticket” may refer to the saying “one-way ticket”. As such, many are already looking forward to their project that many believe will deliver a refreshing sound.

The group released their third mini-album, My Little Society, last September. Its title song, “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)”, ranked #1 across overseas iTunes charts and achieved fromis_9’s highest Oricon ranking. Matching its name, “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)” features a groovy pop melody that sets a happy listening ambiance for fans. Matched with its colorful music video and the members’ happy energy, the song quickly grew in popularity among their fans.

Since then, the members actively released a variety of content including covers and appeared in different entertainment programs, including Idol On Quiz and Plaza of Taste.

As their comeback approaches on May 17, questions begin to mount regarding what new sides the members will display for their first release of 2021.

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Image and Video Source: Off The Record Entertainment | Stone Music Entertainment

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