fromis_9’s Saerom, Gyuri, & Chaeyoung Diagnosed With COVID-19

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Get well soon, Saerom, Gyuri, and Chaeyoung!

Pledis Entertainment has announced that three members of their prized girl group, fromis_9, tested positive for COVID-19.

On March 5, the agency released an official statement regarding Chaeyoung’s positive result for COVID-19.

“Lee Chaeyoung was tested positive on the self-test kit after experiencing cough, sore throat and mild fever since Friday, March 4. She promptly took a PCR test and was confirmed with COVID-19 on Saturday, March 5, ” the agency said.

Currently, she is not exhibiting symptoms other than cough, sore throat and mild fever. Moreover, she is said to be undergoing isolation and self-treatment at home.

Earlier today, Pledis Entertainment revealed that two additional members, namely, Saerom and Gyuri, were diagnosed with COVID-19 as well.

According to the agency, the two idols took a self-test as a proactive measure and tested positive on Saturday, March 5. They immediately took a PCR test and were confirmed with COVID-19 today.

The agency said, “Lee Saerom is currently not exhibiting symptoms other than a cough and a sore throat, and Jang Gyuri is also not exhibiting any symptoms other than a sore throat. They are both administering self-treatment at home.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the fromis_9 members received negative results and are not exhibiting any symptoms. Since three members are focusing on their recovery from COVID-19, the group will be adjusting their activities.

Stay tuned for more updates from fromis_9!

Source and Photo Credits: Pledis Entertainment