f(x) teases fans with an art film for second album ‘Pink Tape’

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The girls of f(x), who have been on hiatus for a year after their last release Electric Shock, are back to dazzle fans with their second full length album Pink Tape!

Rumors of f(x)’s comeback were finally confirmed with the release of an art film on SM Entertainment‘s official YouTube account. The video, narrated by Krystal, goes for an eccentric but whimsical artistic direction, with a medley of lights, nature and color being the dominant elements of the art film. The girls of f(x) are seen holding plain canvases or dancing against patterned backdrops and light images, intersected with the members’ individual shots. A song, titled Shadow, serves as the art film’s audio track. f(x) is scheduled to  comeback on the 29th of July.

Fans praised the cinematography of the film, with the video getting positive responses upon its release for its usage of unconventional and ‘psychedelic’ elements that is quite uncommon for visual concepts of idol groups. Krystal’s narration in the beginning of the film was lauded as well.

Are our readers excited for f(x)’s comeback? Does the art film heighten your expectations of f(x)’s album concept? Stay tuned to hellokpop for more updates!

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 Sources: (News & Video): SMTown official Youtube; Photo – F(x) official website


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