G-Dragon releases digital photo book photos

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After releasing the teaser images of G-Dragon for One Of A Kind, the photos from the photo album booklet have been released.

G-Dragon is seen posing with different concepts and groups of people in each individual photo. He is seen wearing a top adorned with black sunflowers, while standing among women wearing formal black dresses and black veils over their eyes. The next photo features G-Dragon towering over young boys wearing tuxedo tops with a bow tie, short, and knee length socks. The following photo displays a group of mucky army men sporting various military outfits. G-Dragon is then seen with an intimidating group of men who have many tattoos. One photo features G-Dragon with a group of men holding onto dogs with leashes. The last photo stands out from the rest as the models are hidden within astronaut spacesuits.

Take a look at the photo book images below:

Sources: News – bigbangupdates; Photos – ukbigbang

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