G-Dragon will come back in August

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 BIG BANG member G-Dragon will be coming back at the end of August with two solo songs. According to multiple representatives from the music industry, G-Dragon has already reached the stage of completion for his new solo album. The plan to hold a comeback at the end of August comes 3 years after G-Dragon’s solo debut Heartbreaker in 2009.

G-dragon’s solo comeback was initially scheduled to be in mid August, but the detailed schedule has yet to be revealed. As Heartbreaker was previously released on G-Dragon’s birthday, the 18th of August, it is possible that G-Dragon might use the same day to release his new song. However, one representative said:

“In this particular case, as G-dragon will be releasing two songs, the release of the first teaser will be on the 18th of August, and the rest will follow after. It can be seen that the album will be released around the end of August”.

G-dragon has actually already publicly released information related to his album through his Twitter account, sharing posts on the meetings related to his album, sites where he does his recordings and counting down the days to the start of his solo activities. G-dragon appears to be managing both his solo activities and BIG BANG’s group activities well. His first album depicted his strong selling power when registered sales of his album amounted to over 20,000 copies.

Do you think his next solo venture will be as successful?

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