G-Dragon And YG Boss Are Bros

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I’m bro, you’re bro, we are bros.

YG Entertainment’s president Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a photo on his Instagram account on July 7. The photo captured the conversation between the president and G-Dragon about preparing for BIGBANG‘s upcoming new album, attracting huge attention:

– G-Dragon: No, brother. I have already edited the lyrics 2 times, even 3 times. Due to the rehearsal, I have not recorded yet. I could not go anywhere, either. huhu
– Yang Hyuk Suk: You said the past week? I mean the past whole year. Anyway, I got it. Work hard.
– G-Dragon: I revised the lyrics already, just need to wait for TOP‘s part. But I think the content is too clear. I am thinking about changing a bit. I will complete the recording as soon as reaching to the studio.
– Yang Hyuk Suk: I love you.
– G-Dragon: hahaha I love you more, brother.


Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram account

Meanwhile, a representative from YG Entertainment told the media recently, “Through the past year, they (BIGBANG) have worked hard to complete the of the album’s production. The recording is almost done”.


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