GFriend’s Yerin Shares Past Worries Of Her Being “Not Pretty Enough”

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Don’t worry Yerin, you’re beautiful inside and out!

The bubbly girls of GFriend were guests on the March 21 radio broadcast of MBC FM4U ‘Kim Shin Young Hope Song at Noon’. During the show, member Yerin shared that she actually did not have a lot of self-confidence in the past.

“I had a lot of stress and pressure over this back then,” she said. “I had to brainwash myself by saying that ‘I am beautiful, I am cute’ in order to feel better about myself.”

Yerin, who is known for her bright personality, surprised fans with her honest thoughts about her self-image on the broadcast.

GFriend also discussed the group’s music, as the girls believe that they themselves must play an active part in making their songs a success. “We can’t just ask our fans to ‘please listen to our music a lot’, right? We too must work hard. If we want our fans to listen to our songs, we hope that they are listening to it because the song is good.”

Meanwhile, the group’s latest track, Fingertip, is doing well on the charts. The accompanying EP, ‘The Awakening’, was also their first Top 5 World Entry on the Billboard charts.

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