GFRIEND’s Umji To Temporarily Sit Out Some Activities Due To Leg Injury

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Get well soon, Umji!

GFRIEND’s beloved maknae Umji will be sitting out from some promotional activities due to her leg injury.

Just recently, Source Music shared the unfortunate news to fans through an official announcement.

“We are notifying you that GFRIEND’s Umji will be sitting out some activities due to health issues. She recently visited the hospital after experiencing pain in her leg. The doctor diagnosed her with damaged leg muscle and tendon,” the agency said.

Prioritizing the idol’s safety and complete recovery, the agency then revealed, “She will take sufficient rest while receiving treatment. We have decided that she will not participate in activities that will affect the injury.”

For most of the scheduled activities of GFRIEND, only five members namely, Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, and SinB will take part. Moreover, Umji’s return will primarily depend on the progress of her recovery and the result of her medical examination.

“We apologize to Buddies for announcing the news of an injury at a time when preparations for various events such as year-end award stages are taking place. The decision was made to prioritize Umji’s health, so we ask Buddies for their kind understanding,” the agency added.

Source: Hankyung | Source Music

Photo Credits: Source Music