GHOST9 Astounds With Cinematic Teasers For Upcoming Debut Album – “PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR”

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GHOST9 has opened a new gateway leading to their highly-awaited debut through various teasers!

GHOST9 continued their debut countdown by introducing “DOOR”, the cinematic work of its debut album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR.

The 16-minute cinematic video featured GHOST9 meeting their soulmate, GLEEZ, for the first time. It follows the nine boys, led by Lee Jin Woo, who witnessed an abnormal phenomenon on Earth. After facing the red-eyed robot, they venture together to reveal its identity.

Aside from its futuristic plot, it also showcased combination of computer and 3D graphics used in sci-fi movies. Elements such as hologram compass, giant aircraft, robots, and the 2D character GLEEZ, gave an overwhelming sense of immersion.

Furthermore, the clip showed a scene similar from the movie “E.T.”, where GHOST9 and GLEEZ communicated through pointing their fingers.

Maroo Entertainment rookies got people buzzing in heightened excitement when they revealed the track list for their debut album. Released on their official social media channels, PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR consists of six tracks, which will be led by the title track “Think of Dawn”.

Revealed on September 16 to 18, the visual films featured the close up looks of each members. Portraying a mysterious concept, the members of GHOST9 starred in their own films while boldly posing for the camera.

Clad in modish leather jackets and chains, the boys further set a dark and intense mood with their individual teasers. The boys strike a pose and give pensive stares, all while flaunting their picture-perfect facial features.

On September 11, the group wrapped up the individual photo releases for their debut, featuring all of its nine members.

About GHOST9

GHOST9 consists of nine members that has an average age of 18. This include Lee Jin Woo, Lee Woo Jin, and Lee Tae Seung, from the project group TEEN TEEN, as well as Hwang Dong Jun, Lee Shin, Choi Joon Seong, Lee Kang Sung, Son Jun Hyung and Prince.

Within the group, a total of four languages can be spoken by the members. In addition, a member from the group has also produced Park Ji Hoon’s “Still Love U” and participated in various songwriting activities.

GHOST9 (Ghost Nine) will make their official debut with first mini-album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR on September 23.

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Photos | Videos: Maroo Entertainment