Girls’ Day ‘Don’t Forget Me’ music video gets compliments from American Billboard

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American music charts Billboard has complimented on Girls’ Day newest music video Don’t Forget Me.

On November 19th through American Billboard charts, rookie singer Lee Hi won the K-pop chart winner trophy for 2 weeks consecutively and Girls’ Day’s comeback song Don’t Forget Me was complimented and introduced as the perfect piece.

Billboard explained Girls’ Day’s single as “Don’t Forget Me’ is a slick piece of electro-pop with an addicting English hook. The video shows the foursome playing up their young image as school girls contemplating on a love they never told their true feelings. Even down a member, the girls have proven their changeability. The track is at No.38 (after reaching No.15) in its third week on the chart.”

Despite the departure of member Jihae, Girls’ Day made a strong comeback on October 16th with their new single Don’t Forget Me. They are working hard with their activities on various music programs and variety shows.

Check out their music video once again which has been complimented by the American Billboard and share your thoughts!

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Source: news and photo- The Star, video-LOENENT

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