Girls’ Generation Tiffany’s house looks like a luxurious hotel

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Tiffany recently showed off her posh home in L.A and it look’s beautiful.

The Girls’ Generation member, who is also part of the sub-unit group TaeTiSeo, invited fellow members Taeyeon and Seohyun to her home on the latest episode of “The TaeTiSeo.”

Picture: OnStyle

While the trio were talking about their upcoming plans in L.A, viewers got a glimpse of Tiffany’s swimming pool, which resembled a luxurious hotel. The inside of her home was not broadcasted.

Picture: OnStyle

Picture: OnStyle

“I’m very satisfied with resting here. We haven’t had much time to rest and only worked. Now, I’ve decided to live here,” Seohyun said.

After resting at the house, they departed to attend festivals in L.A. OnStyle’s reality show “The TaeTiSeo” features the everyday life of TTS.


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