Girls’ Generation to sing Korea’s national anthem for LA Dodgers VS. Cincinnati Reds match

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Girls’ Generation has been chosen to sing Korea’s national anthem for the upcoming baseball match of L.A. Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds this coming July 28.

Previously, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany did the honors of throwing the first pitch for LA Dodgers last month and it seems like the rest of the members will be gracing the Major League Baseball by singing Korea’s national anthem for the Korean players in honor of Korea Day.

SM Entertainment revealed, “This was made possible due to an invitation from the Dodgers… All of the members won’t be able to make it to the event due to their schedules so about 3 members will go”. They will be doing this for Korean players Ryu Hyun Jin of L.A. Dodgers and Choo Shin Soo of Cincinnati Reds.

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