Golden Child Teases For October Comeback Through Spoiler Video

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Golden Child has surprised fans with an exciting comeback announcement!

Group Golden Child left fans excited after a surprise reveal. According to local reports, the boys are preparing for a comeback and they teased about it through a special clip.

Golden Child just held its online concert GOLDEN CHILD ONTACT CONCERT-NOW on September 13. Shortly after it ended, the group posted a spoiler video in which they confirmed an autumn comeback.

Moreover, the video showed parts of a chat between the members, casually talking. As the clip progressed, the mention of the word “comeback” in the messages caught the attention. The spoiler had a splashy ending with the words “GOLDEN CHILD COMEBACK” written on the screen.

As the sign was “washed away”, a new one appeared and began counting down until it revealed the special date. Goldennesses better mark their calendars, for the idols are about to make a comeback this October!

The group had two comebacks this year, and is certain now to make its third one in less than a month. Fans are without a doubt excited to see their favorites releasing more music for them.

At the start of the year, the artists released a repackaged version of their first full-length album RE-BOOTtitled Without YouThen in June, the boys dropped their fourth mini album Take A Leap and impressed with the title track “One (Lucid Dream)”.

The group also participated in a special project created by their agency, Woollim Entertainment. Golden Child, along with other idols from the company, released a collaboration song called “Relay”.

In addition to their evident presence in the entertainment scene, the group was also part of the reality show Road To Kingdom.

Continue to keep an eye out for more information, as Golden Child plans to make a comeback on October 7!

Source and Image credit: Woollim Entertainment