“Good Casting” Actors Are Focused On Their Missions In The Released Character Posters

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Good Casting prepares to bring an exciting action centered around a group of Ahjummas.

Top-billed by Choi Kang Hee, Good Casting raises anticipation with its fun plot and interesting characters. On April 19, SBS released colorful posters of the drama’s cast namely, Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sang Yeon, Yoo In Young, Lee Jun Young, Kim Ji Young, and Lee Jong Hyuk, highlighting their unique charms.

Good Casting

Produced by A Box Media, Good Casting is directed by Choi Young Hun and the screenplay is written by Park Ji Ha. The drama tells the story of a woman who used to be the top agent at the National Intelligence Service, but later got demoted to desk job because of certain circumstances. However, she suddenly gets recruited as a field agent along with two other women where they must take part in a dangerous camouflage operation.

In the six character posters, the six actors have completely absorbed themselves into the unique characteristics of their characters.

Good Casting

In the first poster is Choi Kang Hee, who plays Baek Chan Mi, who is also known as, ‘the problem in the National Intelligence Service,’ struts her fearless attitude. Wearing a black suit, and holding a pistol on one hand, she displays a strong image and emanates an overpowering charisma.

The caption in her poster reads, “I don’t know about anything else, but I will catch you with my own hands.” This raises curiosity about her past.

Good Casting

Next up is Lee Sang Yeob, who plays Yoon Seok Ho, CEO of Ilkwang Hi-tech. He is a man with a handsome appearance, great manners and a perfect academic background.

In the poster, Lee Sang Yeob looks dashing in his striped suit and a tie while his gaze is fierce as if he is warning someone. Additionally, there is a resolute comment caption that says, “I do not keep people I don’t trust next to my side.”

Good Casting

Yoo In Young, who takes on the role of Im Ye Eun wore an olive suit and looks dazzling with her sharp eyes. She used to be a white agent and is known for her beautiful face. But she can be clumsy sometimes.

Though she has no experience in field jobs, she must now work in the field. Therefore, her caption reads, “Don’t worry. I can do well in the field as well.”

Good Casting


Lee Jun Young plays rising idol Kang Woo Won, who suddenly becomes a top star after appearing in a popular drama. In the poster, he displays a profound look of a gorgeous star as he wears various accessories matching his outfit.

He is someone who is always at the spotlight and his poster caption reads, “What is my identity? I am this universe’s top star.”

Good Casting

At one point of time, she used to be a top black agent but now she has been a housewife for 18 years. Kim Ji Young plays Hwang Mi Soon who is more afraid of menopause than anything else.

Adorning a cute look with glint in her eyes, her poster reads, “If you give me additional pay, I will catch them. So, is it a deal?”

Good Casting

Finally, the head of the unexpected team of Baek Chan Mi, Im Ye Eun, and Hwang Mi Soon, is Dong Kwan Soo, who is portrayed by Lee Jong Hyuk. He wears a blue suit in the poster and amplifies the curiosity about the character story with the lines, “I think there’s a misunderstanding. The team leader is me”.

The production team said, “The drama being an action comedy, the poster shooting too was full of joyful laughter. These posters show each character’s unique personality and charm. Please look forward to this fun drama.”

Good Casting will premiere on April 27 via SBS following No Body Knows.

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