GOT7 Picks Favourite Songs From “DYE” Comeback Mini-Album After Unveiling Their Whimsical Highlight Medley

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GOT7 turns to a new page of hypnotizing teasers with a preview of the enchanting music they prepared for fans to hear soon!

GOT7 posted a sneak peek of the six tracks they will feature on their upcoming mini-album DYE through the highlight medley they revealed on April 17.

got7 dye

In addition to the whimsical track previews, the highlight medley featured a booklet of antique designs. Fitting to the storybook-like concept of the comeback, a page turned over every time the song playing was changed, showing a romantic photo of GOT7 each time.

The title track “Not By The Moon” is a song that JYP Entertainment’s chief JY Park participated in writing, composing and arranging, and it highlights a deep and sentimental feeling brought by GOT7 singing a vow of eternal love.

Meanwhile, “TRUST MY LOVE” gives a sultry vibe and is already capturing the hearts of many fans.

Songs Written By Members

Aside from the excitement created by the combination of every member’s beautiful visuals with the melodious music, interest in the GOT7 members’ works as lead songwriters on tracks from the mini-album has also risen.

Through “CRAZY,” JB showed fantastic synergy again with 220VOLT, who has worked with GOT7 for a long time. Together, they produced the song which has an addictive future bass melody.

Youngjae also joined forces with Joo Chan Yang, who won the chorus category for the performer award at the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, and singer-songwriter NiiHWA to create the track “AURA.” With its dreamy sound, the song aims to express one’s deep-seated feelings towards someone.

Additionally, “POISON” is composed by Yugyeom and written by the poet mot mal, which doubles the sweetness of the song. Meanwhile, “LOVE YOU BETTER” is a track that contains lyrics written by Jinyoung and features a captivating melody reminiscent of a soundtrack.

Picking Their Favourite Songs

Along with the release of the highlight medley, the members picked their favorite songs one by one as well.

JB, Jinyoung and Yugyeom, who chose “CRAZY”, said, “It’s a song that reminds us of “Teenager” and “PAGE”, which fans love a lot. We can feel our own energy, and the chorus is very catchy, so I don’t think we’ll get tired of it even if we listen to it often.”

Meanwhile, Youngjae said, “I like the title song the most, but among the non-title tracks, I would like to recommend “AURA” that I also participated in making.”

Jackson chose “POISON” because it falls under his usual favorite genre, while Mark and Bambam picked “LOVE YOU BETTER”. “It seems to have turned out really well. It’s also a song of my favorite style,” they said, expressing their affection towards the song.

GOT7’s new mini album DYE, which seems to show a classic fairytale-like concept, will be released on April 20 at 6 PM KST.

At 8 PM KST on the same day, the showcase GOT7 <DYE LIVE LIVE PREMIERE will be broadcast live worldwide to bring the group together with their fans through Naver V LIVE.

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