GOT7’s Jackson Counts Down To Release Of “100 Ways” New Single With Fierce Teasers

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There are definitely more than “100 ways” to express our excitement for this upcoming single from GOT7’s Jackson!

GOT7’s Jackson is leading the countdown for another exciting solo song release this March!

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The GOT7 member prepares to shine the spotlight on his individual talents once again with his upcoming grand reveal of yet another highly-anticipated solo song!

Titled “100 Ways”, his newest single will be released on March 20 at midnight EST (March 20, 1 PM KST).

On March 17, Jackson shared the thrilling music video teaser for “100 Ways”. In the clip, he gave a cinematic preview of his upcoming release’s warrior concept while dressed in traditional royal garb.

The rapper, whose career as a soloist keeps on flourishing over the years as well, had also been sharing teaser photos on social media for the song previously.

In 2019, Jackson released his first full-length solo album titled Mirrors, which successfully claimed a Billboard 200 chart debut at the 32nd rank.

Besides bringing huge hit collaborations with Rich Brian for the track “Titanic” and American rapper GoldLink for “Bad Back”, Mirrors also served the chart-topping single “Bullet To The Heart”.

Revered for showing Jackson’s well-roundedness as an artist, “Bullet To The Heart” put attention to the GOT7 rapper’s equally incredible vocals. Prior to its release, the multi-talented idol has blessed the music scene with numerous other singles as a soloist including “Papillon”, “Okay”, “Dawn Of Us”, and “Oxygen”—all of which received hot response from fans.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of his previous solo releases, fans’ anticipation for “100 Ways” is even stronger.

Source: JYP Entertainment | Jackson Wang


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