GOT7’s Jackson Unveils His Wax Figure For Madame Tussauds Hong Kong And Happily Thanks Fans

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Team Wang continues to slay as GOT7’s Jackson checks off one thing from his bucketlist!

GOT7’s Jackson has finally proudly showed off his life-size wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong on July 30!

The GOT7 member made another one of his dreams officially come true as the famous wax museum chain showed the public his wax figure twin through an unveiling event in Hong Kong at last.

Sporting his signature “W” hand sign which signifies Team Wang, the wax figure had every detail pat down – from the hair, face, clothes, accessories, shoes, and of course, the undeniable Jackson swag.

The rapper even expressed his amazement upon finally seeing how life-like the figure was once he posed with it.

“It’s so similar. I guess I look like this. They made it really well, down to the last detail. It has everything, even the tiniest mole. They made it exactly like me, so I was really surprised,” he gushed.

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Jackson also made sure to let fans hear about how happy and grateful he was for this gift from Madame Tussauds.

“First goal out of my life bucket list
officially CHECKED,” he wrote on his personal thank-you tweet.

“This achievement belongs to us. Belongs to YOU all and TEAM WANG together, it’s us. I will work harder to become a better Jackson Wang. I’m so blessed. I Love you all,” he also relayed as an ode to fans all over the world.

During the public unveiling of his wax figure, Jackson also revealed plans for his new music. “I’ll be releasing my first online album in September. I hope everyone supports it,” the idol said.

Source: TV Report

Photo from GOT7’s Jackson’s Official Twitter Account


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