NOTICE: GOT7 Postpones Concerts In Bangkok And Singapore

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JYP Entertainment released an official statement announcing the postponement of GOT7 concerts in Bangkok and Singapore.

With the recent news about the spread of the coronavirus, JYP Entertainment opted to prioritize the health of its artists and the fans.

The GOT7 2020 World Tour “Keep Spinning” in Bangkok that was supposed to be on February 15-16 are both postponed. There are no new dates scheduled yet for the concert.

Fans who still want to watch the concert may opt to wait for the new date. But tickets can also be refunded if the ticket holder chooses to do so. The details of the refund will be announced soon.

The “Keep Spinning” Tour in Singapore has also been withheld. Scheduled on Feb 22 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, One Production and JYPE have both announced the suspension.

There is no new scheduled date for the concert yet. Fans can avail of the refund through APACTix. For more information on refunds, click here. 

Meanwhile, GOT7’s Bambam has sent a heartfelt tweet to fans. Bambam said that he is sad about what has happened and assured all the IGOT7 that the group will try their best to visit the cities and have a good time with them. He also wishes for everyone’s safety and health.

Other concert cancellations

Recently, there are several concerts and fan meetings that have been canceled and intermitted due to the Coronavirus.

Taeyeon’s concert, The Unseen, in Singapore scheduled on February 1 has also been postponed. NCT Dream’s The Dream Show Tour has also been put off. Both concerts don’t have new dates yet but the fans can choose to refund their tickets.

Even though it’s disappointing that concerts are postponed, one must remember that the health of the artists and fans is the top priority. Let’s wait for further announcements as to when these concerts will take place.

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