GOT7 To Hold A ‘Mad’ Showcase

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I GOT7s, prepare yourself for an unforgettable time with GOT7 at its comeback showcase this September!

At midnight on September 17, JYP Entertainment disclosed the third teaser image for GOT7’s new album, titled Mad, via the agency’s official Facebook page to announce the coming showcase to fans.

The event will take place at Gangnam station’s M-Stage, Seoul on September 29 at 8 p.m (KST). The boys are set to give renditions of their new tracks for the first time there.

Ahead of the event, they will also broadcast a live comeback countdown on September 28 at 11:30 p.m (KST) through Naver V-app.

Mad is slated for release at midnight on September 29 via online music sites, and will hit stores on September 30. The album is said to feature a strong and dark charisma that contrasts with GOT7’s previous tracks, namely Just Right and Stop Stop It.



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