GOT7 To Unveil Latest Album’s Title Track In Comeback Showcase

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GOT7 preps to light up the stage as they reveal the title track of their upcoming mini album DYE

GOT7 readies to present and perform their new track titled “NOT BY THE MOON” in a comeback showcase on April 20.


The performance will be premiered on the same day globally via V Live as well.

Earlier this week, the group had released a cinematic trailer for DYE while revealing “NOT BY THE MOON” as the title track

The teaser was a visual treat for their fans and needless to state, Ahgases are excited of what’s more to come in this comeback!

“NOT BY THE MOON” is seemingly a romantic song about eternal love.

While “NOT BY THE MOON” will be revealed on April 20,  the album, DYE will be launched on April 21, 2020.

Source: Star News

Images Credit To: JYP Entertainment