GOT7’s Yugyeom To Sit Out From 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon Due To Health Reasons

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Due to health issues, Yugyeom will not be able to join GOT7 as they close the year at the 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

JYP Entertainment announced on December 30 that GOT7’s Yugyeom will be sitting out from the group’s performance at the 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon due to health reasons.

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Through the official statement posted on the JYP fan board, the agency announced that the youngest GOT7 member will be unable to participate in the pre-recording and live broadcast for the 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon scheduled on December 30 and 31.

“Following the doctor’s suggestion that he should receive adequate rest and focus on letting his health recover, making him sit out from the program was decided with the artist’s health as the top priority. Thus, we ask for your understanding,” JYP Entertainment shared along with their apology for causing worry to fans who waited for Yugyeom’s performance on-stage with his group on the ceremony.

“We will consider our artist’s health as the top priority and focus our efforts on his recovery. Thank you,” they wrapped up their statement.

Due to this being the first time that Yugyeom will be sitting out from the group’s schedules since they debuted in 2014 because of health reasons, fans had shared messages cheering him up and wishing for his recovery through the hashtag #GetWellSoonYugyeom on Twitter.

Moreover, the GOT7 maknae is also the third member from the group to sit out from activities due to health reasons this month, following Jackson and Youngjae in December. The two were unable to participate in the group’s scheduled fan signing event on December 1 after falling sick, which further worried fans about the group’s health status and lead to them appealing for GOT7 to take a well-deserved rest after a very busy year.

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Source: JYP Entertainment