gugudan’s Sejeong Talks About Her Close Friendship With TWICE’s Jihyo

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The strong support system between gugudan’s Sejeong and TWICE’s Jihyo is really admirable!

Kim Sejeong of Jellyfish Entertainment’s prized girl group gugudan has recently shared her thoughts about her previous experiences and upcoming activities in a recent interview.

gugudan sejeong

With her ongoing journey as a soloist, Sejeong said that promoting alone gives her more pressure and responsibility. Despite her positive attitude and bright smile, she revealed that she still encountered a tough time where she actually thought of giving up.

TWICE’s Jihyo to the rescue

The songstress shared that during that challenging situation, it’s her good friend, TWICE’s Jihyo, who helped her out.

“I’m the type that, if I fall once, it takes me a long time to get back on my feet. There was a moment where I was exhausted, and everything seemed to grind to a halt and I didn’t know how to go on. Even though I’m a very positive person, I felt like it was wrong at that moment, and I couldn’t continue like that, so I thought I should put everything down and rest,” Sejeong said.

The gugudan member first tried to isolate herself by going home and talking to her mom. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for her to cope up. “It was TWICE’s Jihyo who pulled me out of it. She’s a very good friend who takes good care of me,” she said.

“During that time I wanted to be alone, so I told her, ‘I don’t think I’m the best person to be around at the moment.’ She responded, ‘If you’re going to be alone anyway, we might as well be alone together.’ So we went traveling together, and it helped me out of that funk,” she added.

Ongoing journey as a soloist

Aside from actively capturing hearts of fans through her various projects as an actress and variety star, Kim Sejeong will also delight everyone once again with her singing skills very soon.

She will be releasing her first solo mini album Plant at 6 PM KST today. Beside its lead track of the same title, the idol likewise participated in composing, writing, and arranging the four other tracks namely, “Today Is Okay”, “Skyline”, “Flipper”, and “You In A Dream”.

Source: Hankyung News

Photo Credits: Jellyfish Entertainment | Naver x Dispatch | gugudan’s Instagram Account

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