Ha Ji Won Passionately Reflects On Her Craft In An Entrancing Photoshoot

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Returning to the big screen soon, acclaimed actress Ha Ji Won who excitedly spoke about her upcoming film, Collateral, with so much enthusiasm.

Ha Ji Won warmly obliged for a photoshoot and an interview session with Harpers Bazaar Korea emanating both tangible and substantial beauty.

Still beaming with radiance at 43, the A-list actress seems to defy the laws of time with her youthful charm. Highlighting her natural beauty, the photoshoot conceptualized a bare-faced look to match her mesmerizing timeless elegance.

Ha Ji Won

The celebrated actress recently gifted fans with a rare delightful guesting in the variety entertainment program, House On Wheels. Fans absolutely basked in her laid-back natural beauty and endearing spontaneity as she gamely immersed herself in the nomadic concept of the show.

As she sat down for the magazine interview, she ardently shared some perspectives about her new movie, Collateral, and her splendid journey as an artist.

A Fresh Take On Love And Family

The versatile actress opened up about how the upcoming film’s concept took her craftsmanship into a whole new dimension. The movie, which explores the depth and breadth of the concept of love, has helped reveal a more human side in her as an artist.

Collateral is a heartwarming film with a light comical portrayal which will give the audience an elaborate sketch about the concept of family.

Veteran lauded actors Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won will render their excellent talents as they play the characters trapped in parental responsibilities but will eventually embrace the fulfilling role of being fathers.


Sung Dong Il will play the role of Doo Seok, a debt collector by profession who has an intimidating outward demeanor with a contrasting warm and caring persona deep within. His duty to collect a debt from an illegal immigrant forces him to take the debtor’s daughter, Seung Yi, as a pawn while the mother look for ways to pay her debts.

The girl’s mother, however, was eventually deported which leaves Doo Seok to take the responsibility as Seung Yi’s guardian. Together with his assistant, Jong-Bae (Kim Hee Won), they will raise the little girl as their own daughter.

Child actress, Park So Yi, will portray the character of Seung Yi, while Ha Ji Won will play the grown up role.

The movie, which will hit the Korean cinemas on September 29, will surely tug at anyone’s heartstring as it will showcase a brand of love that defies the boundaries of blood ties.

A Wonderful Journey

Moreover, Ha Ji Won shared that her dream of becoming an actress sprung from her desire to touch people’s deep-seated emotions.

“The reason I wanted to be an actress at first was because I thought I was like a ‘super woman’ who makes people cry and laugh.” she happily shares. “I didn’t want to be a star, I didn’t want to be a celebrity, I just wanted to have that power.”

By suiting into different characters, the deeply admired actress gets to imbibe thoughtful perceptions about varying human experiences – from their passions to their tribulations in life.

Furthermore, Ha Ji Won expressed her sincere gratitude for the kind of work she immersed herself into. And receiving so much love for what she does brings her a sense of fulfillment. Being able to meet wonderful people along the way has helped her hone her artistry and expanded her perception about the world.

Having established a strong foothold in the Hallyu world, Ha Ji Won’s star continues to burn bright.

Ha Ji Won Brightened Sung Dong Il, Yeo Jin Goo & Kim Hee Won’s “House On Wheels” With Her Cheerful Attitude

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