Ha Suk Jin To Become A Housekeeping Assistant In New KBS Drama “Your House Helper”

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Ha Suk Jin as a male housekeeper will definitely pique your interest!

And, we mean it in an endearing way imagining Ha Suk Jin in a cute uniform holding a dust feather. *wink

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Ha Suk Jin

Although his last drama Radiant Romance ended on a not-so-bright tone, his rom-com remake of One Percent of Anything drew in raves from global drama followers as an endearing fan service drama.

Known for his flexible acting range, the actor will transform into a perfect male housekeeping assistant inside and outside.

Your House Helper is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

For the drama adaptation, Ha Suk Jin will reinvent the character of Kim Ji Woon as a perfect helper who designs, plans, and runs the household operations such as cooking, laundry, shopping, storage, child care, animal care and so on.

His experience and good looks attract customers along with a delightful narration on why he chooses a unique job that is common for women.

The production crew said, “The intellectual charm of Ha Suk Jin goes well with the house helper Kim Ji Woon character. It is expected to show high synchrony rate.”

Following the current trend of healing dramas, Your House Helper takes the idea of a reliable person who can organize a house and the person living in it neatly.

The drama will be directed by resident KBS2 TV PD Jeon Woo Sung of last year’s underdog story Strongest Deliveryman.

It is scheduled to air this July.

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