#HIGHGRNDWEEK: Tablo Signs New Artists To The Label

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What does Day 2 of #HIGHGRNDWEEK have in store for us?


On the first day of #HIGHGRNDWEEK, it was announced that Tablo had signed Show Me The Money 4‘s rapper Incredivle to the label. On day 2 of the week,  it was revealed that three more artists had joined the label; Millic, Punchnello and OFFONOFF from the hip hop crew Club Eskimo.

Millic is a producer cum DJ who first came in contact with music by African-American artists by chance in middle school, and has since devoted himself to music. OFFONOFF is a duo with two 94-liner friends; Colde is a singer-songwriter while 0channel is a producer. The two released their debut album ‘Mood’ on Soundcloud last August. Punchnello is born in 1997, and he started writing raps since the sixth grade in elementary school.

Hailing from the same crew as R&B singer DEAN and Crush who recently joined, fans can look forward to more great music on a bigger scale from these talented artists under HIGHGRND.

Check out their respective performances below:

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