Highlight’s Yang Yoseob To Release Digital Album As Last Gift To Fans Before Enlistment

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Highlight’s Yang Yoseob will leave one last gift to fans before departing for his mandatory military service tomorrow.

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob announced on January 23 that he will be releasing a digital album on the same day he enlists for the military.

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Before fans bid goodbye to Yang Yoseob tomorrow as he starts his mandatory military service, the Highlight member will drop a special digital album on the very same day of his temporary exit as a parting gift to his fans.

Titled 20 Full Moons, the album will be made available through various music sites on January 24 at 6 PM KST, marking the singer’s last release until he completes his mandatory service.

The album’s title, according to the singer, contains a meaningful message he wants to send to fans: that it will only take twenty full moons until he comes back. It contains two tracks titled “With You” and “Moonlight”, which are both written by him.

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The first track “With You” is an impressive ballad, which features an emotional harmony along with Yoseob’s sweet vocals.

Meanwhile, “Moonlight” is a pop song in which sweet melody, layered chords, coupled with Yoseob’s refreshing voice are charmingly combined. It aims to depict the narrative of how one night; when the moon is lit up, a sweet melody brings a pleasant smile, with the profound confession of a man who is just beginning to love.

20 Full Moons is expected to make Yoseob’s fans emotional especially on the day of its release, as it serves to be a precious and heartfelt gift from him to his fans on his military enlistment day.

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