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Duo group HOMME is set to hold a theater concert on this October!

HOMME, which is made up of 2AM‘s Chang Min and 8eight‘s Lee Hyun, will be holding a 3-day concert, titled ‘HOMMEXIT’, to meet their fans on this coming October 9 to 11.
HOMMEXIT, which is the combination of ‘HOMME’ and ‘EXIT’ (referring to exit door), as much as the title’s literal meaning in between the lives of tired and busy people, they want to become a HOMME, which is an escape route, and they are expecting to bring vitality, joyfulness and energy to the people.

HOMME, who started in 2010 with I Was Able To Eat Well, has been receiving likes with hit songs Man Should Laugh“, It Girl and others.

HOMMEXIT will be held at 7pm local time on October 9 and 10, while the third day will start at 5pm at Seoul Samseongdong Baekam Art Hall. Ticket sales will begin at 6PM on September 1 via Interpark.



(Translation by Hyerim Kim, Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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